Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide at no cost a variety of self-defense techniques, martial arts, and fitness training to military, wounded warriors, first responders, and their families. Specialized training of wounded warriors (Purple Heart recipients) with documented disabilities;  amputations, neurological, orthopedic, visual, hearing disorders, etc. that allow development of capabilities that maximize physical and mental abilities for effective self-defense response as needed and achieve overall fitness enhancement.

Programs are designed to improve self-assurance and confidence, strength and endurance, balance, mental and physical relaxation, and self-defense skills, e.g., hand-to-hand, use of mobility assist tools for defense (canes, sticks, crutch), and use of other martial arts tool and techniques for training balance and coordination.

Dr. Banta, Executive Director, has extensive experience and training in these areas: military combat, wounded warrior, doctoral training (PH.D.) in human applied physiology and performance, exercise physiology, and public health, fitness training and martial arts (advance black belt level degrees) in multiple disciplines and “Street-Smart” self-defense. Dr. Banta personally oversees the training and certification of his teaching staff.

Clientele who will not be charged for services will be any member of the military, wounded warriors, *first responders, and their immediate families (spouses and children 18 years and younger).

Funding to assist this operation will be acquired from private and business donations and federal/state/city/county grants. Funding will be used only for operational costs. No profit. Funds exceeding what’s necessary for operations will be provided annually to other similar NFP organizations.

First Responders: Fire, police, EMT