Dae Han Mu Sool


Dae Han Mu Sool is a mixed fighting art system which includes aspects of traditional Korean martial arts, Jujitsu, Israeli, and Filipino self-defense, joint-locking, submissions, as well as weapons.

Dae Han is beyond learning a traditional art. The IMAW Dae Han System places a strong emphasis on physical-mental conditioning and wellness, and on its mixed martial arts styles. Dae Han Mu Sool is not a sport style, it is and will continue to be, what it was intended since its inception; a combat/self-defense art.

Students can engage in the following learning formats:

  •  Group Classes

  • Workshops and seminars

  • One-on-one instruction

At IMAW we teach and follow both the Dae Han Mu Sool System and portions of the Patriot Martial Arts (PMA) System of which IMAW is an affiliate. These systems focus on Alpha Krav Maga, Filipino Malaysia Eskrima (hand-to-hand and stick fighting), Patriot Knife Fighting, and Japanese Ketsugo Ryu and Brazilian Jujitsu.